Dry Vapor Disinfect with Results

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Watch how this Patent Pending technology will effectively dispense an EPA registered, Hypochlorous Dry Vapor disinfectant. Treat an entire work space in about 30 min.

Failure to disinfect can result in harmful outcomes.


Sectors most vulnerable to these risks include retirement homes, hospitals, cruises, airlines, military & recreational facilities, schools, food processing plants, public transportation, and gyms, just to name a few. How do these threats manifest?

Spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, influenza, norovirus, and MRSA.

Increased risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) among patients and healthcare workers. Learn more at CirroHealth.

Higher mortality rates among vulnerable populations such as the elderly and immunocompromised individuals.

Risk of long-term health consequences, including chronic illness and disability.

Financial impact due to increased healthcare costs, reduced productivity, and potential legal liabilities.

Negative impact on the reputation of businesses and industries, resulting in reduced customer confidence and revenue. Increased risk of antibiotic resistance due to overuse and misuse of antibiotics.

Risk of cross-contamination and spread of bacteria and viruses in households, public spaces, and workplaces.

Potential for long-term closures of schools, public areas, and businesses due to outbreaks.

Mental health consequences include increased stress and anxiety due to fear of infection.

If you are a leader in one of these industries, the NebulaOne™ is your solution.

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Why The NebulaOne™ Is The Answer.


How can the NebulaOneTM assist you with producing a clean, sterile, disinfected environment?

Do you want to improve your products or work spaces for not only your consumer, but also your workforce?

Do you need an extra line of defense against the unseen mold, germs, and bacteria that linger throughout your facilities and products.

Are you looking for ways to reduce costs for disinfecting.

The NebulaOne™ uses patent-pending technology to aerosolize EPA approved Hypochlorous (HOCl) into a microscopic mist that kills pathogens on all surfaces called Hypochlorous Dry Vapor.

It runs for hours on a single fill and is self-contained in an easy-to-roll cart. The liquid system allows effective disinfecting, rinsing, and capture of fluid without hauling buckets or supplies.

The touch screen interface is uncomplicated and provides options for run time and disinfection mode, with countdown timers and a rinse-reminder system.

What does the NebulaOne™ Eliminate? View the list here.

How does Hypochlorous Dry Vapor (HCDV) work?


Infection control has become a high priority in essentially all aspects of day-to-day operations of public and private life. The Nebula One Ultra Dry-Mist Nebulizer was developed to take disinfection to the next level.

Hypochlorous (HOCl) is nature's defense against viruses and bacteria and is produced by our white blood cells to fight off infections. HOCl is also manufactured commercially and used in a broad range of applications including surgical procedures, wound care, food production, and more. HOCl is a broad-spectrum, liquid disinfectant that contains no bleach and no harsh chemicals, is gentle enough to use around kids and pets, and is safe for use on all hard surfaces.

The Nebula One Dry-Mist Nebulizer uses a Patent Pending technology to effectively dispense an EPA registered Ultra Dry Vapor, as a suspended particle, HCDV disinfectant is effective against COVID, C. Diff, MRS, Staph, Hepatitis, and many others.

This superior approach of patented dry vapor allows the natural disinfectant to remain suspended for extended periods, effectively disinfecting hard surfaces. Using air flow to distribute the disinfectant means all of the air within the space will contain this powerful disinfectant for hours.

When used with our recommended Hypochlorous solution, the Nebula One offers an unrivaled disinfecting process. With a Patent Pending technology, the Nebula One atomizes HOCl to a less than 2 micron size and then effectively dispenses it into the air.

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